Bati moun se fondasyon pou bati peyiya.
Building the Haitian Bond.  "We are the ones we have been waiting for…"

Our ancestors told us WHAT to do.  H&H is teaching us HOW

KÒjou Global Silence March

How much is Haiti worth?
How much is not uniting costing us?
How is what you are doing building Haitian unity?
How is what your organization is doing building Haitian unity?
H&H…The glue for Haitian unity.

Annou fè inyon. Annou kebe tan ansanb. Annou kebe LèAyisyen.

Mesie e Dam,
Li le, li tan.
Annou fe sa zanzèt yo te di nou an.
Annou fè inyon.  Annou kebe tan ansanb.  Annou kebe LèAyisyen.
Zantray yonn, Zantray lòt, Zantray tout

H&H is a call-out to ALL those who connect with the consciousness of the ancestors…
You are invited. How will you respond?

LèAyisyen Basics: We are asking the Haitian Global Community, which includes our non-Haitian family and friends to support us in this.  On Fridays, 7-10pm your local time, (4-7pm in Haiti, for security reasons), to do something in the name of humanity, in the name of Haiti.  It is important that we do in the name of both, humanity and Haiti.

more...It can be anything: go dancing, go dining, go to a friend's house, go to the movies, talk on the phone, or chat online. Go on a date. You can say a prayer. Light a candle. Stay in silence. You can do alone. Do it with a friend. Do it in a group. Do in private. Do it in public. Do it in bed. Do nothing. Just do it in the name of Humanity.& In the name of Haiti. Whatever that means to you. Whoever you are, do it. Whatever you are, do it. Wherever you are, do it. It can be any Friday of the month. It can be for only 15minutes a month. As long as you do it in the name of humanity, in the name of Haiti during that time period of 7-10pm your local time, 4-7pm in Haiti. Make it work for you!!!

Haiti's greatest national debt burden is disunity. We each can lower the load by:
(1) Keeping LèAyisyen.
(2) Engage your community on keeping LèAyisyen.
(3) Learning to function from your power, from the core.

Humanity&Haiti 2010 is the FIRST and ONLY movement in Haitian history that is taking on the 'HOW' of building Haitian unity .

Haitian disunity is no longer an option.

Organizing Questions

What is THE root, the most central, the most fundamental, and the biggest problem facing the Haitian Global Community?

more...Is there anything more important for the Global Haitian Community than to form a functional) union?
Is the bond between Haitians strong enough to meet Haiti's present-day challenges?
Is your work, your organization's work at the level of the problem?
Who is going to spend billions of dollars in your country and leave it for you?

Electing the Haitian brand:

Humanity&Haiti is THE campaign to self-elect the Haitian brand.
Until WE elect the Haitian brand, nothing we do as Haitians will have any value.

more...We elect the Haitian brand when we make activities of giving each other value as Haitians
THE central practice in our lives as Haitians
LèAyisyen is the cultural practice being developed as the central cultural activity of us giving each other value COLLECTIVELY, as Haitians, at the same time—in unity!

Level of the Problem:

The level of the problem is a fundamental reality: Who will spend billions in your country and leave it for you?

more...What will be anything be worth if Haiti no longer belongs to us? Any plan to help Haiti which does not include a strategy to wake-up and unite the majority of Haitians, is inadequate at best, not to say demagoguery or petty self-service. Si ou moun serie pou li ede Ayiti e li a gen ou plan pou fè nou fè inyon, li ap bay tet li manti. Until we build the Haitian bond, NOTHING we do as Haitians will have any value.

Humanity&Haiti (H&H) 2010... The Power to Unite:

The individual healing process which HCP technology allows us to do will connect us with our TRUE power. This connection with true power will unite us as our consciousness shift to the awakening that there is only one true power. We can be uniting in that power..{hoverbot more...}By each of us learning to function from our core, as a movement H&H is based on each of us becoming a leader of her/his humanity. This allows us teach to function as a powerful link in the unity chain that will free Haiti. That will free humanity. There is not just one, two, one thousand leaders. We are ALL leaders. We are ALL leaders in humanity evolution. In order to decentralize power, we each have to be able to live powerfully. This is the individual work we each are to contribute. Human Core\Community Process (HCP) is the human potential technology which trains us to function from our power that is within us ALL. By being based on HCP technology, H&H is a decentralized movement with each person functioning from her/his center, or core.

L'Union Fait La Force: We will actually be able to make that happen, to be able to LIVE in our credo, and not just to recite the words. HCP technology, the technology of Haitian resilience, the technology of human resilience, can do that

The ultimate decentralization of power is the realization that
the power is everywhere by each of us LIVING in that power.
This is a fundamental paradigm shift in movement work.
This is humanity evolution.
Yes. We can!


H&H: A Global Cultural Clinic Program.

H&H is a psycho-cultural healing, cleansing program for the Haitian people. This cleansing will make the foundation of Haitian people, culture and Haitian economy the value we give to each other. This is social capital.

more...When we make the value we give to each other the foundation of our collective experience as Haitians, one will not be able to sale the other. When we do this, one will not be able to buy the other. When we do this, we will cleanse the corruption mentality. This will build trust amongst us. This is building the Haitian bond. This is social capital.This is 'L'Union Fait la Force' in practice. This is 'Liberty, Fraternity, Equality' in action.

H&H has three components:

Mind Fitness Training
Community Economic Development
Humanity&Haiti 2010
Dawning of a Haitian Renaissance
The age of human potential



Slide Presentation - LèAyisyen (Haitian Time): Building the People as the Foundation to Building the Country.
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Mind Fitness Training:

Human Core\Community Process (HCP) is a tool that promotes mind-discipline by providing exercise-routines for the mind, allowing one to better align one's mind and one's behaviors with one's core. One's core can be regarded as that part of us which connects each of us with the rest of humanity. By being able to more systematically access one's core, one is then able to make more powerful life choices. In fact, one is then able to create choices. Thus, HCP is an integrative model combining the core/spiritual,the biological, the psychological, and the social.

HCP Technology

Giving you the focus to live beyond circumstances you did not create, and the power to create your life circumstances.

This is a one-day a 1-day retreat which runs from 8:00-8:00. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner and materials are included.

Registration is required. Select your preferred date below. The cost is $300.

Payment plans are available.
Register here.

HCP is the technology of Haitian resilience. It is the technology of human resilience.

Why should you take AND pay for HCP retreat training. The fundamental challenge facing the Haitian Global Community is their mentality. HCP provides the systematic skills to better master humanity on the individual and community level. It is the technology that our ancestors used to master the quality of life equation.

Maximize your access to YOUR human potential

Take ownership of the work of building Haitian unity.

Subsidize the H&H movement.

Community Economic Development:

We are introducing a paradigm in community development…we are doing it from our core. We are making functioning from the core the foundation of our community work. It is from this grounding that we are undertaking economic development work. We are starting our focus in four areas: 1) Mind Fitness Training — We aim to make Haiti a global human potential capital. 2)Organizational/Project Management, 3)Agriculture, and (4)Reforestation. We are VERY open to partner with others who have grounding in these areas in Haiti already.{/hoverbot}

What is different about the Humanity&Haiti (H&H) Movement?

A. First and foremost-- We have identified and are taking on the most central problems facing Haiti and the Haitian Global Community: (1) Haitian Mentality, and (2) Lack of Collective Will.

more...B. We are the only movement with the human technology, Human Core\Community Process (HCP), (from the Ancestors) to teach us HOW to do WHAT the ancestors told us to do in our credo: keep union. 'The Union Makes the Force.'

C. We are clear: Until we build the Haitian bond, nothing we do as Haitians will have any value. It is enough to love Haiti; we must love her at the level of the problem. And, we are.

D. The present economic structure to finance the needed community work is not sustainable. H&H corrects that.

Haitian Pride with Purpose:

(Pride) We are Haitians because we redefined humanity.
(Purpose) We ARE doing it again.

It is time.
Humanity & Haiti is a call-out to those among us who connect
with the consciousness of the ancestors…those of us who still breathe their determination.

This is the call-out to claim Haiti's destiny:
To play this role in humanity, again!

LOVE is an action!!!
It is not enough for us to love Haiti.

We must love her at the level of the problem.

H&H 2010… Redefining what it means to Haitian.
Redefining what it means to be human.

Revolution is about changing someone else's behavior.
Evolution is about changing one's own behavior.
Our ancestors told us WHAT to do. H&H is teaching us HOW.
When Haiti first declared its independence, it was a call to war.
This is a call to core!
We declare the EVOLUTION of Haiti…in love

Contact Us: USA: 1-855-ZANTRAY (1-855-926-8729)/ Haiti: