Our goal is to provide a website which functions as a stand-alone support for you, if you so desire, to start a LèAyisyen committee (s) in your section of the world.  We want to include ALL the introductory information you will need in the three pages: Homepage, Main site, and LèAyisyen.  You do not have to member of H&H to keep LèAyisyen.
The section KÒganizing4AyitiKÒRe  is where you share your participation with H&H, if you so desire.  It is composed of 8 elements:  Contact Us, Survey, Areas of Interest, Vote for platform , Regional Expansion, comments, and Registration.  Below that is the Haitian Global Community Unity Petition. The Unity Petition is available in printable format.  You can print out the four pages, make multiple copies of the third page, and create your own petition workbook.  Or you can create your own petition workbook on your own with your individual/organizational logo/information.
We are asking your assistance to help translate the website so that it appears in four languages: Haitian, English, French, and Spanish.



Slide Presentation - LèAyisyen (Haitian Time): Building the People as the Foundation to Building the Country.